See What God Can Do Through You

Congratulations on deciding to take your next step. We are so excited to come alongside you as you move forward on your spiritual journey towards a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Attend Services

There is power in your faith in the life-giving work of Jesus. Come to services at God’s Church to learn what it means to follow Jesus and to have to opportunity to make that decision.

Join The Church

If you would like to find out more about God’s Church and how to get involved, then our Starting Point is the place to go. Starting Point is designed to explore God’s Church, discover your design, develop your leadership, and join the team.

Join A Group

True life-change happens in the context of relationships. Life Groups provide an opportunity for you to engage with a group of people who you can be real with. Everyone needs a group to grow, so join or lead one that matches your passion and get involved.

Join A Team

Everyone wants to live a life with more purpose. The God’s Church Serve Team is a place for you to make a difference in the lives of others by being part of something greater than yourself. Come be a part of the team!

Growth Track

Growth Track is our 2-part course designed to help you learn more about God’s Church, discover your purpose, and take your next step to make a difference in the lives of those around you. You will also have the opportunity to join one of our Dream Teams where you can make a difference by matching your personality, gifts, and passions to a team that is serving our community. Let’s change the world together!


Discover You

We believe you were made for a purpose and we want to help you find out what that is.


Discover The Church

Learn about our church and the work God is doing through us. You’ll get an inside look.


Discover Us

We would love to explore how your gifts fit into our church so you can make a difference.

Small Groups

Life Groups are designed to strengthen relationships between people and God. We believe God created us to live in community with others so that we might live the full life intended for us.

It’s not always easy to find meaningful friendships that help us grow into better people. That’s why groups exist – to make space for you to access healthy, life-changing friendships.

We Have Various Types of Groups

There are different types of groups to meet your needs. Some groups are more study based while other groups are more about connecting with others.

Family Group


If you want your kids to connect with other families or you just want to learn more about other families in our community and have fun, this group is for you.  We will be bowling, flying kites, camping, riding bikes, having picnics in the park or just having a game night.  There is no limit what we will do to build a relationship with you.

Men Group


This group is design to give men an outlet from the everyday grind.   As a man, life has a way of pushing, pulling and testing your limits.  At times, you are not sure if want to communicate with others what is going inside or even talk at all.  You only want to let off steam.  If that is you, we will meeting once a week to do 1 of the following: Bible study, air hockey, watch baseball, basketball or hockey at Dave N Buster, watch UFC, go on a hike, go to the gun range, lifting weights or simply read a book and discuss it.

Ladies Group


Have you ever said,

“Can you please give me a break?”  

“Mommy is in the bathroom right now”  

“I just need 10 minutes to get my thoughts together”

“I need some ME time” 

If you have said this before then, Women’s Group is for you.  We will meet once week.  

Sign up!

Child care will be provided!

Young Adults


Let’s go have some fun!

This group is all for you.  Each week YOU, yes YOU, will put in an activity inside the box that you want to do then as a group we will draw it out and do it.  

Dream Team

God’s Church would not be possible without the incredible volunteers that serve on our Serve Team every week.

Whether you have the gift of playing an instrument, hospitality, administration, photography, planning events, or working with children, there is sure to be a team that fits you!

Kids Ministry