Family Group

Leaders: Marcus and Tonia Murchison

If you want your kids to connect with other families or you just want to learn more about other families in our community and have fun, this group is for you.  We will be bowling, flying kites, camping, riding bikes, having picnics in the park or just having a game night.  There is no limit what we will do to build a relationship with you.

Men’s Group

Leaders: Eli Damian

This group is design to give men an outlet from the everyday grind.   As a man, life has a way of pushing, pulling and testing your limits.  At times, you are not sure if want to communicate with others what is going inside or even talk at all.  You only want to let off steam.  If that is you, we will meeting once a week to do 1 of the following: Bible study, air hockey, watch baseball, basketball or hockey at Dave N Buster, watch UFC, go on a hike, go to the gun range, lifting weights or simply read a book and discuss it.

Ladies Group

Leaders: Tania Murchison

Have you ever said,

“Can you please give me a break?”  

“Mommy is in the bathroom right now”  

“I just need 10 minutes to get my thoughts together”

“I need some ME time” 

If you have said this before then, Women’s Group is for you.  We will meet once week.  

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Child care will be provided!

Young Adults Group

Leaders: Marcus Murchison

Let’s go have some fun!

This group is all for you.  Each week YOU, yes YOU, will put in an activity inside the box that you want to do then as a group we will draw it out and do it.