Family Group

Leaders: Marcus and Tonia Murchison

This group is called ” A Family who colors together stays together”.    Our first meeting will be February 18th at 6pm.  We will meet every friday inside the coffee court at Northern lights Barnes and Nobles.   This is a great outlet to establish your artistic skills or enhance them.  You will meet new families and hopefully establish new friends.  If you would like to sign up just fill out the information and a team member will reach out to you.

New Believer’s Group “ONLINE”

Leader: Marcus Murchison


In Healing the Orphan Spirit, Leif Hetland explores a central aspect at the root of much of the chaos and division in the world today–“the Orphan Spirit”.  Father God is waiting for His beloved sons and daughters to understand who they are and whose they are so that all might live in the fullness of our true identity as co-heirs of God’s kingdom.

If you have faced failure, rejection, or setbacks this group is for you!  We will meet online.  Our first meeting will be February 17th at 6pm.   Once you sign up, a team member will reach out and give you online details so you can particpant. 

Parent Group

Leader: Brittany Pickens

This group is for new parents, single mom’s, single dads, or parents who want to enhance their parenting skills.  Every Tuesday at 5:30pm, this group will be meeting at 1569 Bragaw street suite 102.  The first meeting will start February 22nd. 

Young Adults Group

Leaders: Marcus Murchison

Let’s go have some fun!

This group is all for you.  Each week YOU, yes YOU, will put in an activity inside the box that you want to do then as a group we will draw it out and do it.